Broken Blossoms + Armel Dupas (Cine Concert)

Broken Blossoms
The unique and gifted young contemporary French pianist-composer Armel Dupas performs an exclusively commissioned ‘live’ soundtrack to  American silent movie Broken Blossoms (1919) directed by the pioneering director WD Griffith.

The unique young contemporary French pianist Armel Dupas, a film composer and member of the legendary French jazz bassist Henri Texier’s Sky Dancers Quintet, performs an exclusive ‘live’ imaginary soundtrack combining acoustic piano and electronica in front of a classic yet rarely seen silent movie Broken Blossoms directed by WD Griffith.

Now approaching its centenary year, Broken Blossoms is way ahead of its time with its poignant and controversial portrayal of forbidden love between an opium-addicted Chinese man and a cockney waif in London’s east end slums.