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OFFBEAT is an events-based producer connecting jazz, improv & experimental music to the world of film and the moving image.


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  • À BOUT DE SOUFFLE + Gauthier Toux 26 May 2018
    a bout de souffle
    A screening of À Bout de Souffle (Breathless) a film made in 1960 that was emblematic of the Nouvelle Vague, is preceded by a performance by the upcoming young French pianist Gauthier Toux.

    Iconoclastic French director Jean Luc Godard’s hugely influential and innovative movie was the quintessential film of the Nouvelle Vague. The film stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg and drawing parallels to jazz with its energetically youthful non-conformism, unpredictability and spontaneity.

    Prior to the screening, the upcoming pianist Gauthier Toux (who has a new CD released on the esteemed English jazz indie NAIM out in May) will play a ‘live’ solo set on acoustic piano reinterpreting a selection of themes from one of the greatest jazz film scores composed by legendary French pianist Martial Solal.

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  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit? + Musical Introduction 26 May 2018
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (US/1988) preceded by a short musical presentation introducing the movie’s key jazz themes

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the much-loved animation-meets-live action classic starring Bob Hoskins as a ’toon-hating gumshoe detective tries to prove the innocence of a cartoon rabbit suspected of murder. The award winning film composer Alan Silvestri wrote the score for the London Symphony Orchestra while his jazz themes are influenced by the pioneering Warner Brothers Tom and Jerry/Bugs Bunny animation film composer Carl Stalling

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  • The History of European Jazz + Q&A (Book Discussion) 25 May 2018
    The History of European Jazz Book
    The History of European Jazz – Book Discussion

    In advance of the publication of a groundbreaking volume The History of European Jazz edited by Francesco Martinelli, its publisher, author and BBC broadcaster Alyn Shipton hosts an in-depth discussion with expert panel guests (to be announced), focusing on the connections between Jazz and Cinema in France, and reflecting on some of the issues brought up by the events at the festival.

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  • Broken Blossoms + Armel Dupas (Cine Concert) 25 May 2018
    Broken Blossoms
    The unique and gifted young contemporary French pianist-composer Armel Dupas performs an exclusively commissioned ‘live’ soundtrack to  American silent movie Broken Blossoms (1919) directed by the pioneering director WD Griffith.

    The unique young contemporary French pianist Armel Dupas, a film composer and member of the legendary French jazz bassist Henri Texier’s Sky Dancers Quintet, performs an exclusive ‘live’ imaginary soundtrack combining acoustic piano and electronica in front of a classic yet rarely seen silent movie Broken Blossoms directed by WD Griffith.

    Now approaching its centenary year, Broken Blossoms is way ahead of its time with its poignant and controversial portrayal of forbidden love between an opium-addicted Chinese man and a cockney waif in London’s east end slums.

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  • Django + Q&A (UK Premiere) 24 May 2018
    A special UK premiere screening of Django, directed by Etienne Comar. An exciting new French biopic of the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt that’s set in Paris during World War II.

    A very special opening night UK Premiere of a acclaimed new biopic of the legendary gypsy swing, pioneering Euro-jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt directed by Etienne Comar. Launched at last year’s prestigious Berlin International Film festival, the film is set in Paris during World War II. It also takes an unusual look at the plight of the French Romani gypsy population in Nazi-occupied France. Music in the film is performed by The Rosenberg Trio.

    Followed by Q&A with BBC jazz journalist Kevin Le Gendre and Jazzwise writer Selwyn Harris

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About us

The Connection jazz on FilmOFFBEAT  is a events-based producer connecting jazz, improv and experimental music to the world of film and the moving image. OFFBEAT is where film culture, both past and present, meets with the most  quintessentially offbeat music: jazz. Where there’s a jazz soundtrack you can guarantee what’s happening on the screen is going to be unconventional, improvisational, cool or just plain bad. From A Bout de Souffle to Alfie, from Bird to Birdman, the impact on independent-minded cinema has been huge. Through a diverse series of events, OFFBEAT looks to extend this concept to encourage a broader interaction between the worlds of creative music and the moving image in ‘live’ multimedia performance and education initiatives.

Run by Jazz on Film Records owner/jazz writer Selwyn Harris and Niccolò Cioni, OFFBEAT looks to stage events both creatively stimulating as well as enjoyable and accessible at many of the diverse venues and open-air spaces throughout London with an initial emphasis on Dalston, with its dynamic, creative diversity and pulsating jazz and experimental live music scene.


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